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Our Most Recent Performance:

The Patrons’ Concert
25th February, 2017

Always a pleasant way to celebrate the Leigh Orpheus’s extended family, the annual events of the Patrons’ Tea and Patrons’ Concert were again a huge success.
LOMVC wishes to appropriately reward its Patrons for their patronage, and inviting them to enjoy a sumptuous tea was just the start of their special evening.


Some of the LOMVC Patrons enjoying their tea

In the presence of its President, Sir David Amess, LOMVC Chairman and compère for the evening Martin Wood explained at the start of the concert that this evening would be a bit unusual in that the LOMVC’s Musical Director Janet Walker was going to be returning to her previous role of Accompanist, and the choir’s two Deputy Musical Directors would be conducting – Tom Marshall conducting the first half and Dave Smith conducting the second half. It was a strong line-up!


The Leigh Orpheus Male Voice Choir including its music team for the evening

The programme included a wide range of pieces from the Leigh Orpheus’s current repertoire, the piece at the end of the first half bringing extra smiles to the faces of members of the audience with the choir’s rendition of ‘L’il Liza Jane’


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