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We are a large friendly male voice choir.

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We are a charity in our own right and each year we raise thousands of pounds for charities.

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Our Most Recent Performance:

LOMVC’s Annual Charities Concert

at Westcliff High School for Boys on 6th May 2017

The LOMVC annual Charities Concert is a win:win event. Charities and other good causes make a profit by selling-on tickets that the choir sells to them for just £1. The people they sell them to, having helped the charity by buying tickets, come along and enjoy an evening of good music. Eight charities and local organisations benefitted this year.
A bit of a glitch only a week before the concert – the Leigh Orpheus’s Accompanist, having an accident, wasn’t able to be at the concert. So a change of roles meant Musical Director Janet Walker became the Accompanist and the choir’s two Deputy Musical Directors took to the rostrum to conduct the two halves of the concert.
What a programme! From Gounod’s ‘Faust’ to Alan Simmons’ ‘Back to the 60s’ and from ‘Siyahambe’ to ‘Christus Salvator’, with a big serving of ‘South Pacific’.

‘Siyahambe’ always goes down well:


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